Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back To School!

Welcome to Mrs. Holder's First Grade Bunch! We've made it through the first 3 days with flying colors! I've got a great group of kiddos this year! We've begun creating a community of readers, mathematicians, scientists, and writers. I'm excited for a great year!
"David" and our school rules (based on the book "David Goes to School" by David Shannon)

Ready for my Super Star First Graders! 
Daily 5 makes us better readers and writers. 

The kids make replicas of themselves to answer a daily question that is used in calendar time for graphing, number values, and number sentences. (*This pic was taken after some of the kids had already put their people back for the next don't go thinkin' we cant' count! Ha Ha!)

New word wall

First Grade is "Krazy Kool!" These were our Back to School Gifts for the kids

This year we are doing one big Birthday Celebration in September. We will celebrate all the birthdays during the year on that day! That way all the kids get their day celebrated...even those summer birthdays. How fun will that be?!